Private label

Emec quality, your product.

For many years, Emec has been characterised by its extensive capabilities with regard to its products.
The configurations of the dosing pumps, controllers and the like are widely available, which means that there is a solution for almost all dosing applications.

But there is another interesting feature with Emec products!

Private label for dosing pump and controller

For example, do you want to increase customer loyalty and put your own brand more in the spotlight? It is possible to supply Emec dosing pumps and controllers as a private label.
Here you can think about the choice of a casing colour but also the labels that are on the pump.
To these labels, we can add your logo and address details with QR code so that your customers can quickly contact you when needed.
For example, for spare parts, but also for a new installation.

For this, you simply supply your logo and company details and we will do the rest. You can also specify the colour of the casing. From canary yellow to bright pink or a combination thereof, if it's a colour we can usually make it.


Of course, there are some conditions attached. Perhaps best of all, there is no extra charge for this service. What we do ask of you is a minimum purchase.

That is not too bad; making a private label for the Emec dosing pumps can be as little as 20 pieces in 1 order.

Are you interested in this service? Then get in touch! We will be happy to help you with it.


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