Max capacity:
13 l/h

Max pressure:
18 bar

Suitable for:

Chlorine pump

Chlorine pump for safely dosing chlorine.

1-13.5 litres per hour and 1-18 bar, depending on version.

Model: Emec VA CO 10-2.

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Why Dosing Pump shop?

Product information

Emec Chlorine Dosing Pump: Ensuring Safe and Reliable Dosage

High-Quality Design for Chlorine Dosing

This chlorine dosing pump of superior quality guarantees a secure dosage of chlorine! Crafted with high-quality materials, this pump is also suitable for higher chlorine concentrations.

Seamless Control through Pool Computer

Controlling this pump is effortless, thanks to the ability to switch the power supply via a pool computer. There is even a model available with "proportional control."

Automatic Venting for Optimal Convenience

The built-in automatic venting is a convenient feature of this pump. It eliminates gas bubbles that chlorine can cause in the pump head, making manual venting unnecessary.

Recommended for Chlorine Concentrations Above 32.5%

For optimum performance, it is strongly recommended to use PVDF hoses when dealing with chlorine concentrations above 32.5%.

Need a High-Flow Chlorine Dosing Pump?

If you require a chlorine pump with a high flow, you've come to the right place. Contact us for more information!


  • Specially designed for wall mounting
  • Adjustable stroke frequency
  • Automatic venting
  • Comes with a complete kit, including 2 meters of suction and discharge hoses, 2 meters of venting hose (PE), injection nipple, and suction filter.


  • Proportionally controllable via 4-20 mA, 0-10V, etc.
  • Optionally combinable with a water meter for ppm or percentage solutions.

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  • Divider 1/10. (for very low flows)
  • Level | switches off pump when vessel is empty.
  • The level signal can also be used in a PLC.

About EMEC

Emec is an Italian company that has specialised in dosing systems and measuring equipment for chemicals for over 35 years. This extensive experience and passion for the product is reflected not only in the reliability and innovation of the dosing systems, but also in customer focus. For example, Emec offers a 5-year warranty* (!) as well as excellent after-sale support.


Available pump heads

This pumphead is used with Emec Prius models. Want to know which pumphead you need? Just get in touch with us!

Pump head PP

This pumphead is used with Emec Prius models. Want to know which pumphead you need? Just get in touch with us!

Pump head PVDF

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