Max capacity:
60 l/h

Max pressure:
25 bar

Suitable for:
horticulture, swimming pool, industry, agriculture, waste water

Emec AMS Dosing pump

  • Electromagnetic metering pump for a flow of up to 60 litres per hour at 2 bar (max. 25 bar).
  • Adjustable flow.
  • Also available with level control.
  • Design: AMS MF.
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Product information

Emec AMS High-Capacity Dosing Pump

Emec AMS metering pump. Electromagnetic metering pump for a flow of up to 60 litres per hour at 2 bar. Flow adjustable by means of stroke frequency adjustment. This dosing pump has a manual stroke length adjustment and manual venting. For gaseous products such as chlorine, it is recommended to choose an automatic venting, e.g. the Emec AMSA metering pump. The Emec AMS series stands out with the following models:
  • MF (Multifunction) - Multifunction dosing pumps are special because of their versatile applications and advanced features. They offer programmable dosing, a digital interface for easy configuration, accuracy, compatibility with various fluids, monitoring systems, and connectivity options. This makes them ideal for industrial environments where flexibility and reliability are crucial.
  • PH - Pumps with a PH feature have the ability to read and regulate standard pH values (excl. pH sensor). These are especially for applications where pH values need to be regulated.
  • RH - The pumps with a RH feature have the ability to read and control standard ORP (conductivity) values (excl. ORP sensor).
  • PLUS - Constant/proportionally controllable metering pump with level control.
  • CL - With level control.
  • CO - Without level control.

Other versions of the Emec AMS series

Several versions are available within the AMS series. Each with unique features. Whether you are looking for a constant dosing pump, a multifunction model (MF) with various dosing functions or a variant that can help you dose high-viscosity liquids. For every application, the Emec AMS series offers a dosing pump. We distinguish the following models:
  • AMS(A) - The Type A pump features self-venting thanks to its self-venting pump head. The use of PVDF for the fluid ends, including the pump head, injection valve, foot filter and discharge hose, is standard. Accessories included are based on the base model, and optional PP pump head and accessories are available, including a PE hose. For more information on the AMSA series, please refer to the Emec AMSA metering pump product page.
  • AMS (LPV) - Designed for pumping liquids with a maximum viscosity of 8,000 cPs, these pumps feature a PMMA pump head with stainless steel balls and manual venting. Accessories included with the pump include a 3/4″ injection valve, 16×22 PVC suction hose and 8×12 PE injection hose. Optional accessories include a stainless steel foot filter with valve.
  • AMS(P) - Type P pumps are suitable for pumping liquids with a maximum viscosity of 50,000 cPs. They feature a PMMA pump head with PTFE balls and manual venting. Supplied accessories include 16×22 (PVC) and 2027 (PVC) hose, a priming kit with syringe and 30 cm of hose. Note that these pumps do not include an injection valve, foot filter and level gauge.
  • AMS (AC) - These pumps are powered by both 230 VAC and compressed air. The fluid ends, including the pump head, injection valve, foot filter and discharge hose, are made of PVDF. The included accessories are based on the basic model.
For more information on available models, check out the datasheets under downloads.

Supplied as standard

  • PVDF injection valve (0.3 bar)
  • PVDF level gauge
  • PVDF foot filter
  • PVDF drain hose (2 metres)
  • PVC (flexible) suction hose (2 metres)
  • PVC (4×6) ventilation hose (2 metres)

Available flow and pressure (Emec AMS)

Pressure (Bar) Flow (l/hour)
25 5
15 10
10 15
7 20
3 40
2 60

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Available pump heads

Pump head AISI 316L

Pump head PP

Pump head PVDF

About EMEC

Emec is an Italian company that has specialised in dosing systems and measuring equipment for chemicals for over 35 years. This extensive experience and passion for the product is reflected not only in the reliability and innovation of the dosing systems, but also in customer focus. For example, Emec offers a 5-year warranty* (!) as well as excellent after-sale support.



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